Cleaning Services

A clean and tidy facility is crucial to creating a positive overall experience among your visitors, employees and stakeholders. With over 15 diverse client sites across Australia including such industries as commercial, Strata, Government, health care facilities and residential have all benefited from our wide range of services.

Some of the services we cover include:

  • General Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Corporate Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning / LEED certification
  • Mechanical Scrubbing and High Pressure Cleaning
  • Machinery Hire
  • Washroom Supplies and Sanitary Services
  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Pest Control

Our team of over 70 directly-employed staff are highly experienced (some with over 20 years in the industry) and are well-informed of the latest industry trends and environmentally sustainable practices. All employees undergo a multi-stage induction process, on and off site training and ongoing learning programs. Senior managers adopt a hands-on approach to managing your site and most have front-line experience to help us cater to your unique facility’s needs with efficiency.

Beyond cleaning.

Recognizing that our tasks go beyond cleaning your property and assets, we also act as caretakers to your facilities. We become an extension to your business operations and ensure that a positive image is consistently communicated to your stakeholders through our interactions with them. Moreover, every single person in our team is highly experienced, trained and certified to follow the best of industrial practices no matter if they are providing general cleaning services or corporate cleaning in Sydney.

The Joss Services difference.



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Cleaning Qualifications – Joss Services has a strong ethical and social responsibility to our staff as this remains fundamental to our boutique organisations ongoing success.
Joss Services would not continue to operate or function without the high level of investment we continue to place in our staff and management.
Through the direct leadership (leading by example) of Joss Services’ Managing Director, Mr Matt Joss, his senior management team are involved daily on each contract ensuring that the maintenance of skills, knowledge and techniques are transferred and constantly reinforced by our service delivery staff.


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